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Considering Removing a Load Bearing Wall? A Couple of Things to Consider

load bearing wall removalSo you’re finally considering giving your home the face-lift it’s been waiting for, and your plans include the giving the interior a major upgrade. Most likely, if these changes include modernizing the designs to consist of a more open floor plan, chances are you’re going to run into a need to remove a load-bearing wall.

Moving to an open floor plan has many advantages. The first is that you’re going to be able to make far better use of your home’s space without it being separated by the walls that typically hold the weight’ of many older homes on the market. Opening up the space of your home is going to free up the rest of this space, both allowing more creative designs as well as typically adding significant value through the modernization process.

That being said, the process of load bearing wall removal is time-consuming and can be costly. While the tools and materials – at first glance – can seem low in comparison to other projects of this size, keep in mind any firm that has the level of expertise necessary to do a job of this sort is going to have to consider the home as a whole, not just the wall in question. More often than not, some of your electrical wirings is going to need rerouting/replacing. Drywall/plaster and paint are most likely going to need attention. There may be plumbing and/or other issues that need to be addressed. This is before one even considers the removal of the wall itself, which requires a team that understands best to move this weight to other parts of your home, this while keeping its structural integrity intact.

Further, building permits are mandatory for this sort of work, and any contractor you’re going to want to hire is also going to be well-versed in how to follow the proper procedure and inspections to include removal of load-bearing walls in a prospective design. It’s vital that, before hiring any contractor, one checks they’re insured for this sort of work and that any policy they may have is up to date. This means you’re going to be covered if something goes awry, and more work than in the original design plan ends up being necessary. Often, if you’ve hired a structural engineer to put together your plans, they can refer you to qualified contractors who they’d recommend to do the work, but you should always ensure their paperwork is up to date.

In the long run, the wise homeowner will take his or her time before choosing the correct team to undertake major design improvements like these. A good firm won’t hurry things – they’ll look through your designs, make site visits, and make sure any works are going to pass inspection before getting started. That way, you can focus on how best to decorate after the major works are finished – all the while resting assured your home is in expert hands.

One such firm we recommend is Mayfield Renovations of Calgary, AB.

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The Importance of Selecting a Good Contractor for Commercial Refrigeration Repairs

commercial refrigeration service repairsToday, various types of commercial refrigeration systems are used by almost all of the industrial and commercial establishments all over the world. Along with refrigerators other refrigeration systems used by commercial and industrial units may include chillers, portable cold storage, ice machines, packaged refrigeration systems and walk-in coolers etc. These commercial refrigeration systems are also used in supermarkets and data centres along with other types of commercial and industrial establishments. Any breakdown in these refrigeration systems can make two-way impact in the business of these commercial establishments. On one hand it will increase the maintenance cost and on the other it can cause inconvenience for the customers which will directly slowdown the sales etc. So to avoid such situations the industries and commercial establishments have to arrange for frequent maintenance and servicing of their commercial refrigeration systems.

The maintenance and servicing of commercial refrigeration is a bit more complicated than domestic units due to their larger size and advanced technologies used in them for better performance and durability. In such condition, it becomes inevitable to hire a good HVAC contractor for the repairs of commercial refrigeration systems. It will help the business owners to ensure the functioning of their refrigeration essential required for the survival of the products stored under controlled temperature conditions. On one hand the businesses should use standard commercial refrigeration systems to avoid frequent repairs and on the other they should maintain standard procedure for their repairs when required.

Sometimes any defect in your commercial refrigeration can cost dearly to your business due to direct effect on your sales, lack of procurement of the products and cost of its repairs. Whether you are using a refrigeration system in good working condition since long or you have bought a new one it is important to contact a good contractor for its maintenance and repairs in advance as emergency can occur anytime. You can hire the services of a local commercial refrigeration company to take care of routine maintenance and regular servicing of your commercial refrigeration system, regardless of its type. The commercial refrigeration company you choose should be able to handle all types of commercial refrigeration systems including packaged refrigeration systems, portable cold storage, remote condenser refrigeration, walk-in coolers, ice machines and chillers etc.

A local commercial refrigeration company can be more beneficial for your business in terms of cost than a national level company.  A local company can provide a commercial refrigeration repair service at very reasonable rates as they can reach you without spending much money as compared to the company called from other city or province. Moreover the response time of the local commercial refrigeration company will be much shorter than outsiders which will also help in restoring your refrigeration system as soon as possible. Local company can also provide 24/7 emergency service to your commercial refrigeration as emergency can occur anytime without any prior notice.

So, it is important to have a good local HVAC contractor on your business rolls to repair your commercial refrigeration as and when required. For that reason we recommend as the preferred Calgary commercial refrigeration and hvac specialists.

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